3 Best Dating Ideas for Women

datingwomenAre you looking for the best dating ideas for women? It’s not easy to look for the best dating ideas specially now that almost all dating ideas have been discussed in magazines and different dating websites, but you today is your lucky day because you will get the 3 best dating ideas for women. Plus you get these in a downloadable ebook, for free, for easy offline reading and you can pass the ebook to your friends! Courtesy of InsiderDatingTips.com

3 Best Dating Ideas for Women:

#1. Online Dating for Women

For the modern woman, nothing compares to the thrill of typing away sweet nothings to a person you’ve never even met. Yes, cyber dating has indeed become a veritable trend. Although it is still quite miles away from replacing the movie watching, restaurant eating kind of dating, it has become a common and preferred practice among many. Some may say that nothing compares to actually physically seeing and touching your date in front of you, but online dating supporters counter-argue that nothing compares to the thrill of mystery.

Before you young ladies get carried away however, have in mind that just like actual dating, online dating has its risks and if you throw caution to the wind, you might just regret ever being born in the computer age. Take note of a few tips to maximize your enjoyment and ensure your safety.

Before you flex your fingers and get right down to business, consider what you want out of an online dating experience. Are you out to just have some shallow fun or are you on the prowl for a potential lifetime partner? Although there may be dangers online regardless of your intention, clarifying what you want will help you determine if your date is worth keeping online or if you should look for better potential candidates.

Once you know what you want, get hooked with a good online dating service, one that will both be helpful in your search for fun and love and keep you safe. If some of your friends are into online dating and have actually succeeded in their romantic quest, consider asking for their opinion. Be aware however, that your situation may always end up different from your friends. Even if all your friends have found love through the internet, you might just be the only unlucky one to find something else.

Even with the precaution of signing up with a good dating service, you may still have to utilize some of your extra sensory perception to detect the bad eggs from the good ones. The only possible way other than following concrete precautions is to have some good common sense and instinct.

Common sense would tell you not to reveal too much to someone you don’t really know yet. Even if you have a web camera and you are already aware how the person looks like, there’s still a chance that some things the person has revealed about himself may not be true. You may be chatting with a high-class bum instead of an advertising executive.

It would be good though to also be honest even if you’re not revealing everything about yourself. Imagine the disappointment and disillusionment of a date you may end up liking if he finds out you’re more into classical ballet than team sports. If you’re at least honest with your interest, you may find some people who share the same interests. If is after all, a similarity in interests that builds friendships and relationships.

Do not expect your date though to be equally honest. It is a given that dishonesty may be part of the package. This is where you should use your instincts. It may be all right to be lied to over minor details like hair and eye color but watch out for the lies that may be dangerous. If things don’t seem to jive and he is apparently inconsistent over a lot of things like occupation and interests, this may be a sign that he may even be a bigger liar than he already is. If things don’t feel right, abandon ship without giving it a second thought.

#2 Speed Dating For Women

Speed dating is one of the more recent additions to the ever-evolving institution of dating. While definitely non-traditional, certain elements of traditional dating may still be applicable in speed dating. When you’re out to have a successful speed dating experience, it may help to imagine some of the things you usually do to prepare for a traditional date.

First time speed daters may naturally think that it is vastly different from traditional dating. While speed dating obviously has very definite differences from traditional dating, it still does share some similar aspects such as the importance of first impressions and positive communication.

In traditional dating, it is highly important to send out a good impression of yourself to a date. The same can be said of speed dating, but even more so. Since the time given to get to know a person is significantly less than in traditional dating, there is an obvious need to project the best of who you are from the very beginning.

A generic advice which every single speed dater can benefit from is to take great pains at proper grooming. Although you may not need to bathe with a tub of cologne, you may want to consider taming unruly locks and putting a dab of perfume here and there. More importantly, make sure that your breath doesn’t smell like it’s been fermenting for ages. Of course, it also helps to dress nicely. Don’t try to be too eye catching, though.

When you’re face to face with a potential date, never let the fact that you only have three minutes or so with every person in a speed dating event rush you. This implies that you have to be in control enough not to allow yourself to monopolize each three-minute session. You may end up talking too much about yourself and end up not knowing anything about the person across you. Chances are, people do not like to date someone who has a one-way communication line.

Be sure to also make your points for conversation both substantial and concise. Although it may be tempting to impress a potential date with all your knowledge about world and historical events, it may not be such a good idea to get into the nitty-gritty details of your vast intellect. The best thing to ask in a speed date are questions which may reveal basic parts of a person’s identity and character. You may consider, for example, asking about the person’s profession or interests or what he/she would like to find in a potential date.

Be true to yourself. Don’t pick a person purely for his physical attributes. Choose someone who you truly feel has made some connection with you and whose interests may be compatible with yours.

When the event is done and you still find yourself all on your own, don’t despair. Get back up and right into another speed dating event. There must be that one special person for you out there.

#3 Asking A Guy Out on A Date

The past two decades has truly brought about a revolution in the world of dating. What was once a social exercise initiated and dominated by men is now an even playing field for women too.

In the past, it was inconceivable for women to ask men out for a date. Although some men still violently detest women asking first, it is fast becoming a common and accepted practice. If the guy you like gets turned off with you being implicitly honest and frank about your interest in him, then maybe he is not your type after all. You’d probably want somebody who’s cool with the modern girl type. Teenage girls who want to try asking guys out for the first time may benefit from a few useful tips.

The first thing to do is to assess your prey. It would, of course, be a whole lot easier if you’re planning to go out with a guy who is already an acquaintance. In this case, there would be no need for awkward self-introductions and no need to break the ice. If you’re eyeing a complete stranger however, the best first step is to investigate. Of course, it would be a bad idea not to mention, and a complete example of bad taste, to poke your nose into his private life. It would be good though to fish around for little useful details about your guy like what he’s interested in, how old he is and if he’s seeing somebody else. That way, you’d know ahead of time if the guy’s worth pursuing and if he is, you’d also know how to catch his interest.

Once you’ve gotten to know him better through your little research, resist the urge to go for the kill. Although there’s nothing wrong with asking him out first, it does make us girls feel better to be asked first. It means a lot to female pride to be the one to be noticed. Make him see you but be subtle even when you’re right under his nose. Strut back and forth in front of him with a group of your friends; pretend like you just bumped into him on your way out from class; parade your beauty and brains into his consciousness during recitation or school programs and wait if he takes notice. Chances are, if you’ve done a good job of impressing him with your natural self, he’ll ask you out first. This would make it seem like he’s been the interested party all along.

If your guy is a little slow on the uptake however, and doesn’t realize you’re his for the taking, then maybe its time to make the move. Of course, you have to ask an accomplice friend to introduce you first and after all the niceties and pleasant chatter to make him feel at ease, pop the question. They key is to be low key and casual. Don’t ask him the obvious. Couch the question in words that would make it seem like you’re just asking for a friendly night out. If you think he’s still not too comfortable with you, consider asking other friends to go out with you.

Be specific with what you want to do, and it may help too if your plans revolve around what he wants to do. Unless you want to lose the chance, tell him casually what you’re inviting him to and when that would be. If the two of you do not share the same interests, it may not be such a good idea to just go with his interests completely and sacrifice your own. Then again, this is only the first date. This is when you’ll find out if he’s really someone you’d like to see more of or not.

If he says yes, then that means you’ve done it right. There are chances however that he may say no for one reason or another. Don’t be depressed or traumatized. It’s normal and absolutely fine. Just stand up and scour the sea for more fish.