Make Women Laugh: How Humor Can Help You Date Hot Women

make a woman laughI have a friend who has a face that not even his mother mother will love, but he’s dating a really hot woman right now and the girl is just crazy about him! I said, what gives? What’s his secret? You guessed it right: He can make women laugh. Now we just spilled one good dating tip.

Did you notice that a sense of humor one thing common to  men who are good with women? Ask any woman, and they will says they want men who can make them laugh…

Make women laugh and attract them

A good sense of humor is an asset and a quality of attractive men. Using this powerful weapon, you can make women laugh in any dating situation… But why you mask? Why is humor that powerful?

Humor is related to laughter, and laughter brings  pleasure and happiness. Do you see the connection? By injecting humor into your conversation with girls, you are giving them good time — NOT DRAMA!  Would YOU rather be known as someone who can lighten up their day or someone who just brings bad news and sad stories?

If you can make women laugh with a joke or a repertoire of jokes, then you can enhance that relationship with her. If you can make her laugh out loud, then you can laugh your way into heart!

Being humorous with women also shows self confidence and this gives women some comfort. You are not hung up with things and you can be depended upon to provide the laughs  even the most difficult situations. In short, you are fun!

Simply said, humorous guys are attractive. A funny guy is somebody any girl will have fun with.

Also humor helps diffuse tension, and you can get away with an embarrassing situations or fix any misunderstandings with the a humorous quip or comment.  If you ever make a mistake when approaching a woman or get a wrong vibe then you can depend on humor to turn the situation around. It’s plan fact, that it’s psychologically impossible to dislike someone is able to made you laugh.

How can you make women laugh?

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Make Women Laugh