What Men Shouldn’t Do On A Date

It’s nothing new to hear a man complain about his psycho date and how he wasted his wallet on an evening of melodrama. In many ways, the image of the over-emotional, whining female date has become a stereotype and has even found its way into popular humor. Although this scenario may not be totally untrue, people should also realize that women have had their fair share of terrible dates. If there’s such a set of guidelines on what women shouldn’t do on a date, there should be one for guys too, to save the women the ordeal of going out with an apparent moron and to give guys the chance to have normal dating lives.

Just like women, men should, first of all, remember not to forget to check the overall package. Do not appear for a date with a week-old shirt and a pair of jogging pants, with your chin unshaved and your hair uncombed. The rule of first impressions is still very much the rule to keep your date hooked on you for at least a few more minutes. Do not dress like a slob.

There are, of course, some men who do not progress beyond the first impression part. If you’ve got the grooming and dressing up down to pat, consider looking into your social skills. If you think it’s not cool for a lady to babble the night away about her ex, then you should refrain from doing the same to your date. Whether you only have good things or bad things to reveal about your ex, the ex is a forbidden topic. Next to taking care of physical appearances, talking about your ex just about tops the list of dating no-nos.

If the ex is a forbidden topic, so are a lot of other things. The whole point of the date is to get acquainted, but never let your date feel that she is either a religious inquisition or a cheap tell-all talk show. Aside from asking about matters that may be too private, such as her last romantic dalliance, men shouldn’t ask about the more personal but trivial aspects of a woman’s life such as her brand of feminine wash or her oral mouth wash. This is simply a glaring sign of either a man’s bad taste or his social ineptitude.

In the same way, it is also a social mistake to talk too much about yourself. Monopolizing the whole evening may send the message that you are more interested in yourself than on your date. Your date is not an adoring fan and neither is she your shrink or your mother. Do not talk to her about your personal hygiene, your suicidal tendencies or the number of successful sales pitches you’ve made in the past month.

Men should also take pains to maintain the right attitude and good manners. Never make your date feel that she is anything less than a princess. Of course, some women may feel very much comfortable with opening their own doors but men should be ever solicitous about the needs of their dates.

Yes, it’s tough being the guy. But for now, that’s the way the world works. Just remember that the next time you feel like complaining about your date, think first if you’ve been such a great catch yourself.