10 Problems Extroverts Never Talk About

10 Problems Extroverts Never Talk About

There are 2 types of people in the world: extroverts and introverts. The latter get a lot of attention online and often become the object of jokes and memes. Extroverts, on the contrary, are believed to have no problems at all. But life isn’t simple for them either. And if you’re an extrovert, you’ll surely recognize yourself in this video. Stay strong! You are not alone on this journey!

They crave the company of others 1:09
They overshare with random people 2:18
They have the reputation of being “too needy” 3:30
They feel stereotyped as unintellectual 4:28
They get too excited about things 5:18
Others expect them to be amazingly self-confident 6:02
It seems like they’re constantly flirting 6:48
They can have trouble controlling their word stream 7:25
They feel like they’re burning out but still can’t stop 8:03
Extroverts aren’t allowed to be sad 8:47

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– Extroverts have their alone moments (you can’t avoid those altogether), but they quickly realize they have to get out and be around people to overcome their fear of being alone.
– While oversharing with a person you’re unlikely to meet again might be harmless, saying too much to your colleague could actually cause you trouble in the future, especially if you say something less than nice about your boss.
– They feel extremely sad when no one is ready to share their hype with them. It gets even worse when plans to go out get canceled. They get really upset and feel that a night is wasted when not used to socialize.
– Extroverts are seen as loud party animals who rarely sit down with a book. Yes, they love to party and aren’t afraid to express their emotions and laugh out loud in public, but this doesn’t make extroverts unintellectual.
– Just as extroverts have little control over their desire to talk to people, they can have a hard time controlling their emotions. Things that seem routine to others could be an excitement trigger for them.
– Be it your grandma’s birthday, your cousin’s wedding, or your boss’s retirement, people will always expect you to be able to give a speech or entertain everyone else because you’re an extrovert and “shy” isn’t even in your dictionary.
– It’s no big deal for an extrovert to approach just about anyone and initiate a conversation with them. But this is often where it ends for them.
– With so many emotions raging inside them, extroverts rarely stop and think before they speak. They loudly and confidently start a sentence they have no idea how to finish.
– As socially oriented as they are, extroverts are still people who can get tired of the company of others. Still, they won’t admit it to themselves and will suffer through an uninteresting conversation or hang out at a boring party.
– Being an extrovert isn’t only a psychological type — it’s a full-time social job with certain obligations. The first and most important job is to be smiling radiantly and making others laugh. When you don’t feel like doing this, people are shocked.

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