3 Dark Truths About Female Psychology And Dating (Female Psychology)

3 Dark Truths About Female Psychology And Dating (Female Psychology)

There are dark and secret truths What Women REALLY Want. It’s all about understanding female psychology.
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You’ll get played and waste your time if you do not accept these dark truths of Female Psychology.

1. Women sense a man’s value through his authenticity- If you are thinking one thing and doing another, women will sense this internal conflict and assume you are creepy. Always act through who you are. That’s the women psychology of attraction.

2. Hypergamy- Most women do only want to date the highest-value man possible. They will trade up to a higher value man if they are not fully committed to one particular guy. This means you must always be on your game and be a man that is always on his purpose. That’s women’s psychology in dating.

3. Female Infidelity- Women cheat almost as much as men. This is no surprise and so many women rarely admit this to themselves or to the public.

Improve, become better, be ambitious. Have that drive and use that pain of rejection as a springboard to move forward and achieve better things. Use these rejections and harsh truths to better.

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