Alright! Boyfriend vs Parents ft. Anushka Sharma & Keshav Sadhna

Alright! Boyfriend vs Parents ft. Anushka Sharma & Keshav Sadhna

Researches have shown that most of the Indian kids don’t share about their #dating life with their parents. Dating is something what most Indian #parents consider foreign concept but times are now changing. As much as any other activity, we need our parent’s wisdom in our dating life too! Well on the other hand parents need to be understanding too and should deal every stage of their kid’s life with patience including their girlfriend or #boyfriend.

On this note, Alright brings you a new video starring Anushka Sharma and Keshav Sadhna with a perfect package of clashes between boyfriend and parents. Watch ahead the full video if you are also chupke chupke dating your boyfriend or girlfriend!

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More about Anushka Sharma: Her bubbly and girl next door image is what attracts the audience. She has worked with several other YouTube channels such as Purani Dili Talkies, Pataakha, The Timeliners and Hasley India. She has also in many Alright videos which has been loved by millions of followers such as Ex Ki Vaapsi, Date With A Senior and lots more.
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More about Keshav Sadhna: His cute looks and boy next door image is what attracts the girls. He is a well known actor who has worked in the popular web series College Romance by The Timeliners and worked with several other YouTube channels like RVCJ Media, Humorwale, Hasley India and more.

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