Chris Pratt & Olivia Munn SECRETLY Dating?

Chris Pratt & Olivia Munn SECRETLY Dating?

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Are Chris Pratt and Olivia Munn secretly dating?!

This episode is brought to you by Turbo Tax. Relax, there’s Turbo Tax.

This is one dating rumor that doesn’t seem to be too far-fetched…

For the past few days, rumors have been swirling that Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt has quietly been dating X-Men: Apocalypse star Olivia Munn. And according to The Daily Mail, Chris’s ex-wife Anna Faris is reportedly not very happy to hear about the new romance.

While Chris and Anna were together, they were actually friends and had hung out with Olivia and her previous boyfriend, NFL player Aaron Rodgers, multiple times. During those days, Chris and Olivia appeared together on The Late Late Show with James Corden a year ago, where Chris joked about wanting to get Olivia’s boyfriend to like him…

One source told OK Magazine of Chris and Olivia’s budding romance QUOTE, “It started as a convenient rebound but blossomed into something very real and exciting. Chris and Olivia have a genuine connection…She and Chris really like each other. They both want to see where this goes”.

That same source went on to say that Anna is feeling betrayed by the new couple, because they all used to be friends. Olivia had even previously gone on Anna’s podcast, “Anna Faris is Unqualified” where Anna had joked that Olivia was her husband’s QUOTE, “dream woman”, because she and Chris both love eagles. Okay I don’t care who you are, it’s gotta hurt to call another woman your husband’s dream woman, and then find out he might actually be DATING said dream woman after you split.

Anna and Chris both share 4-year-old son Jack together, and their split was reportedly amicable. Anna has reportedly been dating cinematographer Michael Barrett since she and Chris separated, meanwhile neither Chris nor Olivia’s camps have confirmed or denied that the pair are dating. So basically we’ll just have to wait and see how this one plays out, but in the meantime we’ll just be crying over the way Anna and Chris once were…as the cutest couple in Hollywood of ALL TIME.

How about you guys? Are you happy to hear that Chris and Olivia have hooked up, or have you still been holding out hope for a reconciliation between Chris and Anna? Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments below, and once you’re done with that be sure to hit the subscribe button for more Clevver. Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you soon!

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