Creative Date Idea #43 Disco Roller Skating | Say No to Netflix and Chill

Creative Date Idea #43 Disco Roller Skating | Say No to Netflix and Chill

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In this video I have another creative date idea for you, Creative Date Idea #43 Disco Roller Skating. Do you struggle to come up with fun different date ideas? Always revert back to dinner and a movie or “Netflix and Chill” as your date idea? That is why I wrote a book called “101 Creative Dates: Ideas, tips, and personal experiences from the life of a hopeless romantic”. I compiled a list of 101 different date ideas to help up your dating game. Whether you are married or single, there is something for everyone.

That brings us to this date idea #43 Disco Roller Skating or Roller Blading

Put on those bell-bottoms, grab your roller skates, and go back in time to the 70’s where you spend the night at a roller rink disco skating.
Most of the roller rinks will have some kind of themed night each week, and usually they have a disco night. This is a great time to dress up with your date and do something wacky. If you both aren’t really good at roller-skating then it should be pretty interesting. Part of the fun is dressing up in 70’s garb. Even if they don’t have a themed night, you can still dress up. Roller-skating is one of those dates that have lasted through the years, and can be done as a group or just as a couple.

What you need for this date:
Find a rink to skate at, get some disco clothes, and bring skates or rent them at the rink.

My commentary on this date:
I have gone Disco skating on several occasions, usually in large groups, where the girls are in plentiful supply. I was not blessed with agility and good balance when it comes to strapping moveable objects on my feet. However, I take pride in the fact that I haven’t fallen while roller-skating since I was a kid, knock on wood. Truthfully, I never fall because even a tortoise would be able to beat my pace on the rink. Yeah, I’m old and would rather go slow than wind up breaking something. But even if I do skate like I’m 90 years old, I still have a good experience each time I go.

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