From Bridget Jones to Harry and Sally — Dating Advice From Rom-Coms That

From Bridget Jones to Harry and Sally — Dating Advice From Rom-Coms That

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Romantic comedies may be fine-tuned in a writer’s room and have their happy endings carefully crafted from a director’s chair, but the films have also given those of us in the real world a few pieces of quality dating advice. At times dismissed for being trivial or a less valuable artistic expression, romantic comedies have commanded audiences for centuries — even Shakespeare got in on the action. His 16th-century play Much Ado About Nothing showcases the key plot of the genre: a series of antics make two people, who thought they weren’t meant to fall in love, realize they should be together. Sure, someone rarely rushes into a New Year’s Eve party just before midnight to tell their best friend they love them, and waiting at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day is more likely to result in pneumonia than true love. But, the fantasy is part of the appeal, and—unlike in real life—when the final credits roll and the screen fades to black, the heartache was worth it because the two people who were meant for each other end up together. Using romantic comedies as a “how-to” guide for dating is ill-advised as it will surely leave a person feeling dejected. But, Newsweek asked four relationship experts for their take on a few quotes from rom-coms and, as it turns out, some of the words are advice worth heeding. Interviews have been condensed and edited for length. If a guy wants to see you, believe me, he will see you. -He’s Just Not That Into YouAfter contemplating calling a guy she met at happy hour (who said he’d call her) Gigi calls Alex for advice. He tells her she shouldn’t call the guy because if he wanted to see her, he would. David Bennett, dating coach and relationship expert: I’m not sure if that’s necessarily the case just because a lot of guys, in particular, can be a little hesitant, worried about crossing boundaries or coming on too strong. Julie Ingenohl, marriage and family therapist: One of the [golden rules of dating] I always teach my clients are if a guy or girl cancels on a first date, you don’t reschedule it. If they’re okay canceling the first date, they’ll be okay canceling the second, third, fourth or whatever date. Diane Strachowski, psychologist and relationship expert: I think that’s true. Celia Schweyer, dating expert at Guys are not complicated creatures and, they’re not from different species. If they like you, they will make time for you; they will put their one foot forward and will let you see their best side just so you become interested in them. You should never go to bed with anyone when you found out your last boyfriend’s getting married. -When Harry Met SallyWhen Sally learns her ex-boyfriend, who said he never wanted to get married, is engaged, she calls her best friend Harry in tears and asks him to come over. Lending a shoulder for her to cry on turns into them sleeping together, a decision that left them in an awkward relationship-limbo come morning. Bennett: If you are

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From Bridget Jones to Harry and Sally — Dating Advice From Rom-Coms That: o