How I learnt Chinese, and advice for you

How I learnt Chinese, and advice for you

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A common question I get asked is, “how I learnt Chinese”. Therefore, in this video, I’ll be discussing how I learnt Chinese and how this can help you the learn Chinese super fast.

Why Mandarin Chinese is the most difficult language to speak. Is Mandarin Chinese easy to learn though?

People also ask me “how hard is it to learn mandarin Chinese?”, “how hard is Mandarin Chinese?” and “how did you learn Mandarin Chinese?”. After you watch this video, you’ll know if Mandarin Chinese is really that hard and why is it hard to learn Mandarin Chinese.

I know some people deep down are learning Mandarin Chinese because they want to know how to meet Chinese girls, how to get a Chinese girlfriend, or even how to meet good Chinese girls to get married. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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