How To Get A Girlfriend – Dating Advice For Men – Chapter I

How To Get A Girlfriend – Dating Advice For Men – Chapter I

This is how to get a girlfriend – a practical guide that shows you how to prep for approaching and attracting the type of girls you want to date.

There’s nothing wrong in needing a little guidance when it comes to dating. And the best advice most of the times comes for free.

Just like this video.

All you have to do is watch it till the end and make your best in following the steps outlined there.

Here are a couple steps to become attractive to women:

1. Have good personal hygiene. You don’t have to be Johnny Depp to get a girl, but you need to make sure your body is clean.

2. Keep up a good posture. Walk steadily and smile. This will present you as confident, and friendly.

3. Don’w wear too much cologne.

4. Pick a location frequented by a significant number of girls where you feel fairly comfortable, perhaps a place that is conducive to a skill of yours: music, public speaking, or a private intimate conversation.

5. Be funny. If you’re not naturally funny, don’t try too hard around her. Pitch jokes to other people first
and see how the jokes do with them.

… and much more that you will discover in this video.

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