How to Have Difficult Conversations l Relationship Advice

How to Have Difficult Conversations l Relationship Advice

Master difficult conversations and get relationship advice from sex therapist No matter what is happening in your relationship, there are always a few conversations that you have been putting off out of fear. It could be around your sex life, communication, parenting, dating or money, for example. I often asked how to talk about sex with a lover. There are a few strategies that you should incorporate in any conversations you have with your lover.

1. Energy level. The energy level you go with into a conversation predicts the outcome of the conversation.

2. Take responsibility. Acknowledging that you also contributed to a situation helps to remove blame and defensiveness from a conversation, even if it’s a tiny bit of responsibility. Take it!

3. Focus on outcome. It’s easy to get off the subject when emotions get into play. Know what you want to accomplish before going into a conversation.

4. Put them 1st. The reason you get triggered by your lover’s response or words is because you focus on yourself: what you’re not getting, how you’re not understood or that you’re right. By putting your lover first, you will allow yourself to see where they are coming from. Understanding doesn’t mean agreement.

5. End with gratitude. No matter what the outcome is always end with gratitude. Even if you’re unsatisfied with a conversation NEVER forget to express your gratitude to your lover for their time and giving their best effort they could at that time.

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