How To Start Conversations With Women Without Getting “Rejected” (Part 2 Of 10) – Stephan Erdman

How To Start Conversations With Women Without Getting “Rejected” (Part 2 Of 10) – Stephan Erdman

Learn everything else you need to know to Approach Women Without Scripts, Lines Or “Routines”:

Starting a conversation with a girl still seems to be the hardest thing for many men who spend minutes and sometimes hours or even days trying to come up with the “right” line.

Truth is it often doesn’t matter what you say. But you can make it easy for yourself or very hard. One simple thing you can do to up your success rate with starting conversations is simply to use your intuition more effectively. Unfortunately many men lose sight of the context when it comes to starting conversations with women and by choosing the wrong context they make things difficult for themselves in terms of approaching women.

Have you ever heard the expression “low hanging fruit”? That’s what you can go for. In meeting women terms this means women you are in situations where they are likely to be ok with chatting to you for a few minutes.

Unfortunately many men make themselves feel rejected simply by starting conversations with women who are clearly not in a moment or situation in their lives where they want to talk to a stranger, either because they are too busy or stressed or anything.

So use your instinct when it comes to when to approach a woman. The situations where you’re already next to her, like standing in a queue, or in a bar, or any other place where you are not going in opposite directions are easy places to start conversations with women without getting rejected. If she’s obviously charging in the opposite direction and she’s speaking to someone on the phone, clearly you’re going to be nothing other than an obstacle and a pain and of course she won’t start talking to you.

But that’s exactly what a lot of guys end up with when they forget to actually use their common sense or intuition.

How to start a conversation with a girl without getting rejected (Simple Tips Part 2 of 10)

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