Is Keanu Reeves Dating His Mother? – MGTOW

Is Keanu Reeves Dating His Mother? – MGTOW

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Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant’s Relationship ‘Wasn’t a Secret’: They’ve ‘Been Dating for Years’

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Srcmaker and here’s what he has to say: “Hey Sandman. Did you see the news about Keanu Reeves dating Alexandra Grant. Man she looks terrible for a 46 year old. I’ve banged 50 year olds that looked way better on my business trips.” unquote. Well Srcmaker thanks for the donation and topic. When I first saw this story and picture of the happy couple I thought to myself what’s Keanu doing dating Helen Mirren? Can’t he do better than her. The fact that Alexandra is 46 and has nothing but grey hair than makes her look like she’s much older than him. But I wouldn’t be quick to say that he’s dating her or in a relationship. Neither are the tabloids. They are saying that she’s his friend because they don’t want to print fake news in this case for some reason. But Alexadra is an artist that works for Keanu. You never know if he’s just doing this with her to boost her career and also get the tabloids off his back for being single most of the last two decades. Can you imagine the shaming language that guy has to endure and deal with all the women throwing their bodies at him and him rejecting him? Before I get to what might be the most epic MGTOW trolling in history let me first tell you about today’s sponsor Richard Elslinger: Anyways, now back to the video. When I started doing research for this video there was one female reporter that was super happy with Keanu having a girlfriend. I guess she was rejoicing because a man that had been seemingly single for years was finally with a woman. With an average looking woman that looked his age when he could have easily found a younger woman. As I kept digging I found out that it looks like Reeves has been dating Alexandra for years and if you look at the link in the description saying that their relationship wasn’t a secret. Look at the picture of them together on there. I can’t show you because I don’t have the rights and the last thing I need is a copyright strike. You can see that look of pain in Keanu’s eyes, worse than when he lost his car, his puppy and his wife in John Wick. That’s when I realised the relationship is real because no one pretending to be in a relationship can look that unhappy. Apparently according to a source US Magazine the couple has been together since at least the summer of 2017. Apparently they aren’t openly affectionate in public. I guess they are more like an old married couple. The source says that they are low key and cool. The source as I mentioned says that Keanu is extremely happy. Of course he says that because by the look on his face he’s in a love coma. I guess another famous MGTOW bites the dust and feminists everywhere rejoice. If Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t get married soon to his former Titanic co-star with three kids with three different dads they will keep shaming him saying that he needs to raise his age limit over 25. He refuses to date women with too much damage. But who knows what Keanu is thinking?

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