Kelly Flanagan | Intimate Conversations Podcast | Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert

Kelly Flanagan | Intimate Conversations Podcast | Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert

OMG a brother from another mother! Dr. Kelly’s message SO resonates with what we talk about! The misconception is that the journey to inner belonging is just roses and bunny rabbits… just love yourself 😉 Yet it’s anything but… it takes bravery, courage and persistence to truly sit in the fire and dissolve shame with the light of your compassion, breath and forgiveness.

AND it takes daily on the field practice with our children, beloved and community to stay connected to self, while engaging in belonging and living our purpose. This is a profound, wise, real, thought provoking conversation that could have gone on for hours! The real life example of concepts make it completely practical for you to instantly implement. Something tells me you will both sit taller and relax deeper after listening to this conversation of truth. Until the next time we are blessed to have him on the show…Enjoy 😉


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