The Key to Buying a Diamond with Confidence | CarterCast Ep7 – Grading Reports

The Key to Buying a Diamond with Confidence | CarterCast Ep7 – Grading Reports

Do you like documentation? Are you militant about millimeters? Do you prefer paperwork that displays metrics out to the thousandth decimal? Then you’ll love this episode on Grading Reports, because nothing says I love you like math. Truth is though, when it comes to diamonds, you deserve to have confidence in exactly what you’re buying. We kick off Season 2 with a surprisingly entertaining conversation on grading reports, what they are, and why you should care. It’s the pre-proposal show for dating couples designed to make engagement ring shopping easy, understandable, and fun. This is the CarterCast, filmed on location at Jack Lewis Jewelers in Bloomington, IL.

Jump to whichever part sounds most interesting to you:
00:40 – Nothing Says ‘I Love You’ Like Math
01:17 – Pop the Question: 24K Magic Lyrics
02:34 – What is a Grading Report?
04:33 – This is How You Can Be Sure It’s Not Rigged
07:04 – GIA: the CSI of Grading Labs
08:58 – AGS: the Cut Grade Lab
11:00 – The Succinct Summary You Need to Hear
12:11 – We Invent Fantasy Diamond Grading Leagues
13:42 – Looking at an Actual Grading Report
15:16 – The Holy Hand Grenade
15:48 – The Most Important Part of a Grading Report
16:24 – Explaining “Triple Zero”
21:44 – Do Lab Grown Diamonds Need Grading Reports?
22:41 – Why Don’t Grading Reports Tell You What the Diamond is Worth?
24:08 – It’s Graded by Superstars, but it’s Still an Opinion
25:51 – Grading Reports for Colored Gemstones?
26:59 – Summing Up Why Grading Reports Matter
28:14 – The One Mistake You Don’t Want to Make
30:37 – Grading Reports in 4 Seconds
31:20 – The Final Facet

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Star & Executive Producer – John Carter (Owner & CEO, Jack Lewis Jewelers)
Host & Executive Producer – Joshua Shull (Owner, JoshuaOneNine)
Producer & Editor – Nick Fetty (Lead Content Creator, JoshuaOneNine)


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