Why Is AwesomenessTV So Terrible?

Why Is AwesomenessTV So Terrible?

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Why Is AwesomenessTV So Terrible?

Today we’re going to be checking out AwesomenessTV, a production company that casts Youtubers and social media stars in their shows that typically get uploaded on their YouTube channel. The company has been around for a while but I feel like their content has always remained pretty… terrible and cringe so I thought it’d be fun to look into the state of the company and their channel and speculate why that might be!

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel 🙂 This week I thought it would be interesting to check out AwesomenessTV’s channel as a whole. Some of you guys might recognize the channel just by being a longtime Youtube viewer but you also might remember it as the producer of the Dream Date with Chloe Couture series we’ve been reacting to on my channel. Throughout filming that series I’ve come across other shows AwesomenessTV has been uploading and between that and my opinion on their older series that I came across in past years, I thought it would be interesting to dedicate a video to the channel and company itself and try to figure out why their series (in my opinion) are so bad. SO today we are going to be looking at some of the series they have running on their channel right now such as Malibu Surf and Date Takeover as well as past series like Dream Date with Brent Rivera. I hope you guys enjoy the video and if you did feel free to give it a like and subscribe to the channel, it really helps me out! 🙂

ALSO for anyone curious about the state of my Dream Date with Chloe Couture/bootleg bachelor series, the third and final video in that series will be going up in a few weeks! Sorry it’s taken so long but it is coming :))) + if you guys have any video recommendations feel free to leave those in the comments as I’m looking for some future video ideas for the next coming months! OK THAT’S IT I SWEAR SORRY THIS IS SO LONG TY LY HOPE YALL ENJOY THE VIDEO

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